Monday, August 17, 2009

More Kingston Travel Tips

Five tips for Summer Travel to Kingston from the Tymparon Inn

1. Bring an umbrella as will ensure it won’t rain and if it does, you will be well prepared

2. Bring sunscreen and a hat to keep from burning, as you will surely want to enjoy a 1000 Islands Cruise (the sunset dinner cruises are particularly spectacular)

3.Be sure to take the Trolley Tour around Kingston and stop off at Sir John A. MacDonald’s home and Fort Henry

4.Plan to explore and experience Wolfe Island while you are visiting Kingston…..the ferry is free and it’s enjoyable either with or without a car…..and offers a super view of Kingston; if you bring your car, then enjoy a few hours on a truly heavenly secluded beach - Big Sandy Bay; if you’d rather walk on the Ferry then consider the educational and impressive Wind Mills Tour that leaves from the TIO Monday through Friday’s at 11am; if you like to bike there are many great biking paths that will enable you to thoroughly explore the entire island

5.Bring your bikes if you are sports enthusiasts as parking downtown will always be quick and simple

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