Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Plenty of Choices

More than two years ago, I began having to follow a very restricted diet that eliminated wheat, [cow] dairy, raw foods, and anything containing caffeine or alcohol, unless the alcohol had burned off during the cooking process. I can eat dairy products made from goat or sheep's milk, and coconut milk isn't really milk, it just looks like it. You might think "Ah, I guess she'll never be able to eat out." You'd be wrong when it comes to restaurants in Kingston.
With so many choices, especially in Asian or Greek-themed restaurants, I can always find somewhere to eat. Among many of the "fast food" establishments, I'm pretty much out of luck, but again, things are changing. There are now Asian and Greek-themed fast food choices. So I can pick up something to go, or sit down for a quick bite. There are other restaurants offering a varied menu that may not have a specific theme that I can sometimes find something I can eat. My point here is that Kingston has so much to offer, that no matter what your taste, or if like me, you have to restrict certain foods, you can find somewhere to eat.
I won't name specific restaurants, because I don't want to limit my choice, or yours. The neat thing about Kingston is that you find these places in the oddest of locations--on side streets, strip malls, and larger shopping centres. One caution though--some are quite small, so if you're going on a Friday or Saturday night, you might be out of luck, unless you go early. But if you get turned away because of a lack of seating, there's probably another spot close by. Bon Apetit.

Kingston Judo

Next weekend Kingston will host one of the largest Judo competitions in Ontario, the 2009 Ontario International Open organized by Judo Ontario. Nov. 7-8 will see an influx of top level Judo students in the city and specifically at the Kingston Military Community Sports Centre where the event is being held. Five divisions will be competing over the course of the weekend with the opening ceremonies happening on Saturday morning at 8am. The official hotel for the tournament is the Holiday Inn so if you’re coming to Kingston as spectator and rooms are full there you may need an alternative place to stay.

A Graveyard On Your Front Lawn

This Saturday we can all look forward to armies of costumed children roaming our neighbouhoods searching for the readily available treat and elusive trick. My favourite parts of Halloween, second after the treats, are all the decorations that start popping up around the City in the middle of October. Pumpkins, graveyards and ghosts are great ways to brighten up the dreary fall weather, so I’m offering an open invitation to send in pictures of your Halloween decorating! The Hochelaga Inn sent in these great pictures of their decorations and I want to see yours too.

Saturday, October 17, 2009

A Storm is in Town

Tomorrow's the last day, but it's a storm worth watching! Well, actually it's a storm worth visiting - GEMSTORM that is. It's the 40th annual Lapidary Club's gem, stones, beads and supply show at Portsmouth Olympic Harbour. Some really cool things to see for everyone in the family.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Learning more about Kingston

I am working on a book about Kingston and the Islands. Contributing to this blog, and reading what others post will help with my research. I'm especially interested in hearing about what makes this area special to people, and stuff that you wouldn't necessarily find in any of the "regular" tourist information.

I joined a group of walkers four years ago at The Running Room and trained for several events. Walking around Kingston gave me a new appreciation for the city and all of its beautiful neighbourhoods.

I'm sure doing this will help me to get to know Kingston and the Islands better.

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Sale of the Year!

I just got back from Kingston best sale of the year! It's the Hatley $5 for $25 sale in downtown Kingston just around the corner from the Four Points Sheraton on Brock Street. They have the best clothes, gifts and rain boats - perfect for all fall weather when you're out visiting the corn maze near the Tymparon Inn!