Monday, September 14, 2009


Thursday is going to be busy, with the start of the Kingston Fall Fair, Canada DanceSport and Arts and Entertainment Week. This is the Fair’s 179th year and it promises to be the candy apple, corn dog and cotton candy extravaganza it always is plus the demolition derby, dairy shows, Farris wheel and a special clinic with Canadian Eventing team member Selena O’Hanlon. Canada DanceSport, which hosts world champion ballroom competitions, runs all weekend with events throughout the day and into the evening at the K-Rock centre. Canada DanceSport is also the kick-off for Arts and Entertainment week in Kingston and as usual brings us the top Canadian entertainers like Margaret Atwood and Russell Peters. A four day weekend in Kingston packed with fun activities is the best way to end the summer and head into fall.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Accomplishing all our goals

As we are getting near the end of summer, I asked our son what he wanted to do before the summer ended. (keep in mind he's 5) Here's his list:

1. camping at Sharbot Lake (check - although it rained the whole time, and I wished I was the Rosemount Inn instead!

2. play in the park near the memorial centre (well, the daycare took care of this one for me)

3. play laser tag (check - very fun, and funny to see him try and run with the vest almost touching the ground on him)

4. go to Toys R Us (check - I don't venture to the west end very often, but off we went, out passed the Green Acres Inn to shopping land)

5. go swimming at the place where there is a pool and a slide, and a sprinkler thingy (his cute little description - good thing I have mothers intuition on my side to figure out he was talking about the Ambassador Hotel pool! - check)

So thank goodness, we left nothing hanging and we can all go back to the normal routine! (although it was a lot of fun :-) )