Sunday, August 9, 2009

The Freshwater Sailing Capital

I can't believe I haven't written a post about sailing yet. The main reason we moved to Kingston was the sailing (not for me, but for the hubby). And it's not just any sailing here. We've lived all over, and nothing compares to Kingston when it comes to sailing. My hubby would say that the racing is the number one advantage in Kingston. Me? I would say it's the quick access to it. Often after work, we go for a short evening sailing. We hope on the boat at the Kingston Yacht Club (just down the street from Hotel Belvedere) and head out to Cedar Island. We're there in less than an hour, have a dinner on the dock, take an evening stroll up to the martello tour that's part of the Fort Henry Historical Site and then jump back on the boat for a sunset sail back. And we're back in bed in Kingston by 10.

We took some friends out for an evening sail earlier this summer and they said it was a magical little get away, that seemed like they were miles away from the world and yet, we could still see downtown Kingston and the green light from the Radisson. Here's some pictures from that amazing trip! Thanks Tracy Olan for the amazing pictures!

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