Thursday, June 28, 2012

Win 1 of 50 Fabulous Weekends Away in Kingston, Ontario

Enter today, it's real easy! 

Residents of Ottawa and Toronto didn't get a chance to paint their door yellow so we came up with another contest idea! 

Enter your email address for a chance to win a weekend getaway to Kingston.  

What do you get? 
  • Two night stay in one of the city's beautiful accommodations
  • Trip for two from Ottawa or Toronto 
  • Return travel by Via Rail

Street Team Power

Over the next 2 months Visit Kingston will have Yellow Door street teams deployed in Ottawa and Toronto hotspots. Keep your eye open for the Yellow Door on, you can't miss it, it's huge. 

Last weekend the team spent their time at Liberty Village in Toronto and Elgin street in Ottawa. Stay tuned via our Facebook and Twitter to see where they will be next! 

Meet the team

The team stops for a pose on the new Fort Henry Discovery Centre

Open the Yellow Door to Kingston, Ontario, click here 

all in one convenient location, visit here


  1. I've been trying to enter the contest but getting an error message. Is there a problem with the webstite?

  2. It's working again now! Sorry about that. Here's a link to the page -

  3. I was looking for the list of winners to date and did not find it. Where are you publishing this information?

    1. Once winners are confirmed, we'll be announcing them via our website + social networks. Should be up soon.