Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Simple Pleasures - Enjoy Kingston's Waterfront Scenery

Your Summer Getaway Is Calling

One of the simplest pleasures of visiting Kingston is venturing downtown to the waterfront for fresh air, breathtaking scenery and hopefully some excellent company. What could be more perfect? 

Here's some quick images I captured while downtown Kingston when my parents were visiting. Sightseeing by the waterfront is one of my parents favourite things to do while staying in the city, next to the shopping of course! Oh, how we longed to be out on a 1000 Island cruise that humid day. 

Snapped a few shots with my phone...

Kingston, Ontario, City Hall, Waterfront
Caught some live music downtown while in the park!

Kingston, Ontario, Waterfront, Sightseeing, Cruise
Taking in the gorgeous view .
Kingston, Ontario, Waterfront, Sightseeing, Cruise
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Kingston, Ontario, Waterfront, Sightseeing, Cruise
The Island Star before a sightseeing tour. 

Last look before we headed to something to eat.

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