Friday, April 27, 2012

Kingston International Youth Hockey / Sports Fests 2012

Hockey time in Kingston, Ontario

Kingston, Ontario, Hotels, Youth Hockey, Sports, International, EventsThe Annual Kingston International Youth Hockey/Sports Festival (KIYHSF) is gearing up for another year of superb hockey experiences, promoting sportsmanship and positive behaviour among the next generation of greats. We welcome all teams, family, friends and fans traveling to Kingston for this event over the summer!  

The festival offers several activities while visiting Kingston;

  • Tournaments for all ages and different clienteles: girls, boys, ringette, high school and others
  • Hockey skills clinics
  • Hockey camp
  • Hockey festival
  • Soccer tournament
"It was an immense success", says Dr Armand St-Pierre, Director of the Kingston International Youth Hockey & Sports Fests. "We had collaboration and support from the local social, sports, and business communities." 

Kingston, Ontario, Hotels, Youth Hockey, Sports
Bringing international teams to create a 'rich-cultural-setting"
In 2009, 50 teams competed in the international event and just last year over 150 teams were involved. The competition held teams from across the world; including, North America, United States, Europe and Japan. This weekend is the first of three events in Kingston over the summer, so good luck to all everyone involved and have a blast!

Hockey tournament days 

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