Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Fort Henry Starts New Season Off With a Bang in Kingston

For the historic enthusiasts out there, Fort Henry is just for you. 

Opening in mere weeks, this famous tourist attraction is a pit stop you must take during your summer vacation to Kingston, Ontario. Even the locals love heading to the Fort for special events, outdoor activities and authentic period feasts.

Discovery Centre Grand Opening

2012 brings an extra special start to the summer season with the grand opening of Fort Henry's new Discovery Centre. This 10 000 square foot structure is a state of the art haven, with all the nifty amenities; you'll be impressed with their modern interactive exhibits, projection and touch screen technologies, new gift shop, delicious cafe and don't forget, the massive Great Hall with adjoining two-tier outdoor patio.

Kingston, Ontario, Fort Henry, Discovery Centre, Hotels, Opening
Photo via @FortHenry, depicting the new Discovery Centre

Multicultural extravaganza

Venture to Fort Henry on May 19th where the brand new Discovery Centre will be transformed into a Multicultural Marketplace; showcasing the unique culinary, historical, and artistic traditions of various cultures.
Picture steaming grills, eclectic music, the best international foods Kingston has to offer, and for a backdrop; breathtaking views of natural and historic wonders that you can only find in one place - atop Fort Henry Hill.

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After the grand opening...

Watch the cannon blast from the East Battery, book a guided tour through advanced defenses at the fort, transport yourself to 1867 with a Victorian School Lesson or learn how to operate a small arms by the British Army.

And those are just from Fort Henry's daily programs...

Kingston, Ontario, Fort Henry Parade, Events Ontario Historic Activity Highlight 

Garrison Parade in the Lower Fort: Every day at 3:00PM sharp you can enjoy drums training sub unit, inspection by Officer of the Day and watch as the Fort's squads perform their rigorous routines.

Don't miss out this summer.

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