Thursday, July 12, 2012

Kingston Buskers Rendezvous Festival Starts Today!

Watch As Downtown Kingston Comes To Life

The much anticipated Annual Kingston Buskers Rendezvous Festival starts today! Lasting from July 12th till 15th. Buskers from all walks of life travel to Kingston (so, you should as well!) and share their amazing talents. Don't miss one of Kingston's best festivals of the summer. 

Kingston Buskers Festival Ontario Downtown
No, this picture wasn't taken upside down
Watch performances by acrobats, jugglers, dancers, clowns and more! Walk the streets of downtown Kingston, enjoy Buskers, food, boutique shopping and mighty fine scenery 

Kingston Buskers Festival Ontario Downtown, Hotels
Mime / Clown Hybrid

Kingston Buskers Festival Ontario Downtown
Just another day at work for this guy..
 Visit the official Kingston Buskers website for the all the details.

When you're feeling a tad peckish

One of the many perks about being downtown is the cornucopia of restaurants, bistros and pubs at every turn. Incase the selection is too overwhelming, here's a few recommendations from your Kingston experts. 

  Join in on the Busking Fun This weekend. Visit Kingston.

all in one convenient location, visit here

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