Thursday, May 24, 2012

Doors Open For Kingston, Ontario Historic Landmarks & Buildings This June

Visit Kingston's best locations on the house

In less than a month, Kingston will open its doors to their historical landmarks, attractions and amazing architecture collections. A variety of sites will be open starting June 23, 2012 throughout each day from 10AM to 4PM, apart of the Doors Open Ontario initiative. Visiting these sites are free of charge, making for an inexpensive dose of culture this summer. 

Bellevue House, Historic Site, Kingston Ontario, hotels
Bellevue House National Historic Site

Walking tours are an up close and personal way to experience the city during your stay. Go on a sightseeing adventure, than when your belly starts rumbling and feet get tired, hit up one of Kingston's many downtown patio scenes. 

Murney Tower, Kingston, Ontario, Attractions, Doors Open
Murney Tower by the waterfront

Sightseeing like you own the place  

Kingston has over 27 sites with an open door policy, explore museums, beautifully designed churches, city hall, old cottages, and the list rages on! Over the summer we'll be doing spot light features on the historic sites you need to see while you're here.

Stay tuned for more on Doors Open Kingston as June approaches.

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Click here to view full list of historic sites.

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