Friday, January 30, 2009

Fort Henry

Bryan Mercer, the Marketing Supervisor at Fort Henry National Historic Site (one of Kingston’s most well known attractions) had a few minutes to answer some of our Kingston questions... check it out below.

Kelly: What activity is an absolute must for anyone visiting Kingston?
Bryan: Experience an explosive Sunset Ceremony at Fort Henry and a drift down the St. Lawrence on a scrumptious dinner cruise onboard the Island Star.

K: What is the strangest request you have had from a guest?
B: Where in Kingston can we get married...quickly? Sent them to City Hall - never saw them again! They were so caught up in the beauty of the City, they wanted to get married here while on vacation.

K: When is the best time of year to visit Kingston? Why?
B: Depends on the visitor's favourite season. July and/or August - the City is in full bloom and outdoor events are boundless. October - amazing colours on walking trails or cruising the river. February for outdoor invigorating fun at Feb Fest.

K: What do your guests say they like the best about Kingston?
B: The friendly, helpful people that portray a great sense of pride about the City. The walkability ofdowntown. Being surrounded by water. The glorious, Victorian Architecture.

K: Who has more fun in Kingston, the visitors or residents?
B: It's a CONSTANT competition - it can change on any given day. When residents and guests meet a special events, it's hard to tell then apart!

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