Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Accomplishing all our goals

As we are getting near the end of summer, I asked our son what he wanted to do before the summer ended. (keep in mind he's 5) Here's his list:

1. camping at Sharbot Lake (check - although it rained the whole time, and I wished I was the Rosemount Inn instead!

2. play in the park near the memorial centre (well, the daycare took care of this one for me)

3. play laser tag (check - very fun, and funny to see him try and run with the vest almost touching the ground on him)

4. go to Toys R Us (check - I don't venture to the west end very often, but off we went, out passed the Green Acres Inn to shopping land)

5. go swimming at the place where there is a pool and a slide, and a sprinkler thingy (his cute little description - good thing I have mothers intuition on my side to figure out he was talking about the Ambassador Hotel pool! - check)

So thank goodness, we left nothing hanging and we can all go back to the normal routine! (although it was a lot of fun :-) )

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