Thursday, December 1, 2011

Q in Kingston

Where will it be? Hamilton? Guelph? London? Kingstonians want it most of all. CBC Radio’s Jian Ghomeshi has invited cities across Ontario to put together the best invitation for him to come to their city and broadcast ‘Q’ live. The winning location will be announced on ‘Q’ on Thursday, December 8 and Kingstonians are warming up the Grand Theatre in the hope of welcoming “Q to K-town.”

The contest began organically on Twitter, with friendly jabs between London and Kingston residents, arguing about who would do a better job hosting the popular show and iconic host. Upon seeing the tweets, Ghomeshi made it official, and announced he would pick a city in Ontario on December 8th, based on who made the best case for their town on social media networks like Twitter and Facebook.

The campaign has gone viral with Kingstonians posting pictures of a miniature cut-out Jian having adventures across the city, and tweets reminding Ghomeshi of all the incredible artists, writers and musicians who call Kingston home, and the incredible history of the city.

Now the City of Kingston Cultural Services department - which manages the Grand Theatre, the most likely venue for a live airing of ‘Q’ - is upping the ante, asking Kingstonians to write a short open letter to Jian explaining what he’ll love about Kingston and why he should bring his show to the Grand Theatre. Letters will be sent directly to Ghomeshi at CBC headquarters. Letters should be emailed to no later than Tuesday, December 6 at 9:00 a.m. They can also be faxed to 613-542-4633.

Kingstonians are also invited to film a video appeal to Jian at 1 pm on Saturday December 3rd outside the Grand Theatre.

Miniature Jian cut-outs are available for download on the Grand Theatre website at

If the campaign is successful and ‘Q’ comes to Kingston, a winner will be randomly selected from all letters received to win two tickets to Jian’s Grand Theatre show! No matter the outcome, four lucky winners will receive two tickets to a Grand Theatre Presents show.

- Steph Earp, Communications Officer City of Kingston

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