Monday, December 7, 2009

Free Skate

Dig out your skates if you haven’t already, free skate times for the city start next week. The City of Kingston is offering times over the next few weeks for everyone, whether you live here or are visiting family to enjoy some ice time. Below are the times and arenas.

Dec.18 7-8:45pm Cat. Community Centre
Dec 19 5-6:45pm Memorial Centre
Dec 20 1-2:45pm Invista Centre
Dec 21 5:30-7:20pm Invista Centre
Dec 22 3-4:50pm Centre 70
Dec 23 4-5:45pm Memorial Centre
Dec 27 1-2:45pm Invista Centre
Dec 28 5:30-7:20pm Invista Centre
Dec 30 4-5:45pm Memorial Centre
Jan 3 1-2:45 Invista Centre

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