Thursday, March 26, 2009

Eating with Royalty

During my visits to Kingston I have had the delightful opportunity of dining at many of the fantastic restaurants that abound all over the city- and- thank goodness- there are still many left for my next trips. Since I am not a food critic by any means, I tend to judge restaurants as much by ambiance as by culinary expertise. The place that first comes to mind as being "a fun place" , and a place I have returned to many times, is "The Toucan" - a pub and eatery with a delightful patio at the side. It's just around the corner (and a few blocks) from the Frontenac Club Inn, Radisson and Sheraton. This patio looks out onto the back alleyway is so much a part of the Kingston scene. One memorable weekend we went out on Friday night. We heard a local, but very well-known group called "The Mahones". I loved them- the more I drank, the faster they sang- good old Irish tunes with lots of noise and rhythm. It was grand. Next day we went to The Toucan for brunch, and lo and behold, who sat down at the next table? THE MAHONES! Well it was like eating with royalty, or some such.

I love the patio at The Toucan- the food is great, the portions are generous and the price is terrific. It has the feel of "Cheers", busy and bustling, and obviously a place for friends to meet and greet. Alas, last time I visited they had taken my VERY favourite item (Eggs Benedict) off the menu. I hope that when I return this spring or summer they will have put it back in its place of honour........please?????? Maybe someone can put in a good word for me.

Linda (Smith)

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