Friday, February 20, 2009

Off to the Island

I finally got to visit Wolfe Island this past summer. I loved the experience, and I would like to share it with you.

I first learned of its existence and its proximity to Kingston on a TV program- 2 ladies who visit people who are having problems with ghostly apparitions. These 2 gals visited a couple on Wolfe Island, and what developed was quite intriguing. I won't reveal the entire story, but my interest was aroused to investigate this special place.

My daughter and her family have made the ferry trip to Wolfe Island many times. She reported that the Wolfe Island Ferry runs all day, 365 days a year in all kinds of weather. A special technology prevents the ferry lane from freezing up in cold weather, so it is rare that a trip is cancelled. Many people who live on the island work on the mainland, so getting there and back every day is of great importance. I have driven to work, taken a bus, and even a train, but taking a ferry to work was a new concept to me. The part that really wowed me was that the trip is FREE- no charge either way. What more could one ask?

Anyone making the trip can drive on (take a vehicle), or just walk on as a foot passenger. The trip lasts about 20-30 minutes. It departs right near the Holiday Inn's parking lot.

The day we went was warm and sunny. My daughter kept warning me that, as walk-ons, we would be limited in what we could do once we got to the island. Apparently the cemetery mentioned on my TV show was probably NOT within walking distance so I had to scratch that off my list. In spite of this set-back I decided that I wanted to go on foot for my first time.

We landed at the wharf with perhaps 20 other walkers, and a full contingent of vehicles, including a huge transport truck. We walked the little main street, and I found it delightful. There is a grand hotel, an ice cream shop, a variety store, some craft shops, and a restaurant or two. Whether by chance, or pure design, we arrived at supper time. We decided on one of the restaurants, and were shown through a little pub to a back ivy-covered deck with a view over the lake. We enjoyed a delicious and reasonably priced meal, then cruised the main street, visited the stores, bought an ice cream, and returned to the wharf just in time to catch the ferry back to Kingston.

I have since often thought I would love to live on Wolfe Island. It seems to have a lifestyle all its own. The whole excursion was a great experience. We were gone about three hours and our only real expense was the cost of our meal. What a great way to spend time on a warm summer afternoon. This summer I hope to take a vehicle. I do want to visit the graveyard, and I hear there is a nice beach that I didn't get to see.

Make Wolfe Island a stop when you visit Kingston. I am sure you will enjoy it as much as I did.

Linda (Smith)

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